Because Laughter Cures All Sadness. That's Why!

They say laughter is the best medicine and this is hard to argue. Laughter is indeed a form of release in this hectic, demanding and stress-laden world. Humor goes beyond being an amusing past-time as it integrates itself into your everyday existence. 

From sharing off-the-wall anecdotes or quipping self-deprecating jokes, comedy is everywhere. From side-splitting theatre performances to hilarious stand-up sketches, comedy is the average man’s reality – or it’s supposed to be. It is one of the fabrics of basic human relations; no wonder people with a good sense of humor rank high on the desirability scale. 

Comedy shows offer anxious-driven people a happier form of release from their negative emotions. Instead of releasing destructive behavior, it offers people a safe avenue to laugh in the face of life challenges. More importantly, science approves using comedy as an effective mood lift as laughter reduces cortisol and makes more room for happy hormones to dominate your mind and body. While humor is meant to give people a break, it is no laughing matter as comedy aims to engage your brain in a funny discourse, doing way more. 

Comical skits can trigger your cognition, movement, and emotional perception, so viewing comedy shows make for quite a complex activity delivered in fun, bite-sized nuggets. The laughter induced by comedy shows boosts your heart and respiratory rate. The body steadily decreases its heart and respiratory rate, which leads to lower blood pressure by the end of the show. It is therefore understandable why we have a handful of comedy shows in the United States today. 

Whether it is for mere commercial purpose or from genuine desire to make people happy, one thing is certain; these shows are doing a good work meeting the entertainment needs of Americans. However, there is still room for improvements in the comedy show space within the American entertainment industry. 

At The Mac Pac Comedy Show, we seek to be a catalyst for these improvements through our distinct and unique approach towards the comedy show business.


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