Dausharae Freeman, princess of comedy, the avid storyteller is influenced by real life experiences, sprinkling the magic of laughter from stage to stage. Laughter heals the soul allowing troubled souls to forget their pain for just a split second. This is what Freeman lives for in comedy; bringing happiness to people

Alex Cunningham’s personality is much bigger than his stature. He uses his marriage and unique life experiences to influence his jokes. Alex hope to leave his mark on the world, One laugh at a time

Myles Johnson is a very funny and refreshing comedian based out of Austin, TX. Critics say he's a really cool guy.

Gabe Kerr started his comedy journey later in life, but he’s putting in the hours to make up for lost time. He started performing in Atlanta, but has since done shows from California to Texas. His comedy is a bit like the rest of his life, hectic, hilarious, and always full of the unexpected. His family provides an endless well of comedic material, and unfortunately for them, he takes full advantage. He’s a comic on the rise and you don’t want to miss his antics and thoughtful presentation of his original and ridiculous observations.

Coming from the city of brotherly love...it’s Comedian Southphillyreef! Or as we know him, Shariff Bishop! His Philadelphia pride and love for his city prompted the name Southphillyreef as his stage name and it’s one you’ll know as a household name someday! Bishop began his comedic career in 2009 after being released from Prison, and realizing that his best gift to offer society is laughter. After a brief incarceration in 2013, Southphillyreef has been busy showing out on stage with some of comedy’s biggest acts such as Gary Owen, Cocoa Brown, Tommy Davidson, Sommore, Joe Torry, Michael Sumner, Michael Blackson, Tony Roberts, Ryan Davis, and many more! Southphillyreef was nominated for Comedian of the year in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2014 which is a huge honor in the city! Bishop has made comedy his reason to stay on the straight and narrow and it’s given him his own mantra to live by... “From The Streets, To The Stage!”

Diego “Texas Chuckle” Morales is from Dallas aka Oak Cliff, TX where the rich culture fuels his views on the world. A father of four girls, his dad jokes will make you appreciate your kids during tax time. He loves to roast, riff, and crowd work with the best of them while also bringing his dark comedy to the stage. Diego is more dedicated to the craft of stand up comedy than his pancreas was dedicated to producing insulin for his body. He has opened for Carlos Mencia, Alex Reymundo, Blaq Ron, Ocean Live, Celebrity The Comedian, and many more. On November 6th he buried his dad at 12PM and was opening for Mencia by 8PM. Passion, dedication, and sacrifice fuel his comedy. He has a two comedy series called the TexasChuckle Comedy Shuffle and the TexasChuckle Comedy Tussle he produces all across the nation. His one rule during a comedy show, HECKLE AT YOUR OWN RISK. 

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